Updated: May 29, 2020

WAY too often you hear a new story about a Black man being a victim of police brutality or seen as a criminal for doing absolutely nothing. Black people are simply being targeted for the color of their skin, no other reason needed. George Floyd is a perfect example of that. There is no reason why this man should’ve been lying face down on the road while a police officer had his knees pressed against his neck, restricting his breathing for NINE STRAIGHT MINUTES.

America has never shown Black people  the respect they deserve. In the eyes of a white man we have always been seen as inferior and beneath them. Because of this, victims like George Floyd continue to suffer and be oppressed. It is fundamentally important for every white individual to seriously understand that this is never acceptable.

At some point in time, they forgot that we are people and deserved to be treated as such. This world has always been created against us. From the way they continue to teach history in school today while conveniently leaving out emphasis on the crucial role Black people played, to the messed up justice system. We are targeted at every moving point of our lives in a world that could care less about building us up and showing us the equality we deserve.

This is why I have such a great appreciation for our HBCUs. They embody and teach  the lessons that every black individual deserves to know when it comes to surviving in this corrupt world we live in today.

It is IMPORTANT for us to understand exactly not only how wrong this is but also how we can use our “blackness” as an armor and not the weapon so conveniently see. I despise the way the world neglects us and continually treats us like trash. We are Kings and Queens and deserve to be treated as nothing less than such.

The love and nurture going to a black college provides is one of the most important reasons I decided on my choice when choosing a college. I already have a system built against me and forces me to work twice as hard for half as much as a white man. The place meant to educate me should be somewhere that understands the beauty of being Black and allowing you the courage to provoke change in this messed up world we live in.

Why an HBCU? Because we are mightier and stronger than we can even come to fathom and need to be taught to own the color of our skin and always walk with pride despite the negative and unimaginable racist things that will eventually happen to us when we step out into the real world called the “land of the free”.


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