Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Advice: Understand that not everybody will be raised like you are and there will be many difference that you all will have to adapt to in order to make it work.

Using a communal bathroom can be the worst thing ever.

But if everyone follows simple rules and etiquette, the year will be bearable


1. Caddy

This is obviously the most important thing on the list, seeing as how its how you're gonna carry everything you'll need while being in the shower.

Many people have different opinions on what type of caddy you should use. I recommend a mesh one; simply because it can get very messy when you done showering and have water settled inside your caddy.

This mesh caddy eliminates that whole ordeal. Just make sure you're putting your caddy on a hook and NOT ON THE FLOOR. GERMSSS!!

Plus its more flexible and easier to store.

Tip: Make sure everything you put in your caddy, help you be more convenient and proactive while in the shower.

2. Shower Slippers

Communal Bathrooms can be a dirty and breeding grounds for fungal, bacteria, dirt and other infections transmitted through feet.

There are so many people going in and out of this bathroom all the time, you should always make sure you're wearing these shoes.

I wouldn't want that to happen you. A little dollar flip flops will work. Just something that created that barrier between the floor and your feet.

3. Towel

Easy to say you can just get a regular towel and you'll be fine, but lets be more than fine.

Remember what I said about conveniency? Get a towel with velcro on it. It so much easier to not worry about your towel falling when you brushing your teeth or washing your face at the sink.

You'll never realize how AMAZING AND NEEDED this towel is. Make your'e life easier

4. Robe

Although you can just walk out in your towel on your way to the shower, I would recommend a robe.

It's honestly just more convenient and makes running into whoever is on your floor at time a bit more awkward.

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1. ALWAYS Clean Up After Yourself

I cannot stress this one enough. No one wants to walk into a shower and see your hair in the drain any mess.

It make shower in a communal shower that much worse. So honesty just don't do it.

Always be courteous and considerate when you shower. You might think who wouldn't do that. You'll be surprised.

Don't be one of those people who leave a mess for the next person, it's inconsiderate.

2. Late Night/Early Morning Showers Are The Best

Honestly this just the easiest way to avoid the crowd when you want to shower.

I always hated walking in the bathroom and seeing people in there ( as if I don't know I have to share it).

So to avoid this I took showers at the weirdest time ever. Anytime after 12:00 am or before 7:00 always worked really well for me.

Many people don't take showers in the morning, so you'll have the free to take your time and play your music.

3. Be Respectful

Understand that you are SHARING the bathroom with several other people, be conscious of that.

Honestly read the room and be considerate of what's happening while you're in there.

4. Be Considerate When Playing Music

I love playing music in the shower, but so does everybody else. Always remember that also.

If someone is playing music in the shower, don't try and be the person to try and over power them.


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