Updated: Jun 15, 2020

We all know being a college student will definitely break your pockets. One of the worst things about being in college is this fact right here. Funny enough, that doesn’t stop us from always wanting to go shopping.

I know how hard the struggle can get, especially if you aren’t the best at budgeting like me.

The best thing that ever happened to me in college was finding these websites. Some you may already know.

These are literally everything when you’re in college. You’re basically balling on a budget (that you can actually keep up with).

This list has website with products form groceries, makeup to of course, clothes. Never again will you spend more than you have to with this list.


Shop Miss A

This cruelty-free beauty and makeup website is absolutely amazing. I tried them out and I couldn't believe how great the products were seeing that EVERYTHING is $1 (yes you read that right!).

They are the most inexpensive yet quality makeup brand I've ever come across and they are definitely worth it.

They even have charities that donate proceeds towards issues such as animal cruelty, children education and earth conservation efforts when you buy a product affiliated with each.

Elf Cosmetics

Elf Cosmetics is another inexpensive, cruelty free makeup that sells great quality products.

They are a little more than Shop Miss A but not by much.

These products remind me of other certain high end products that could definitely match the quality. Only difference is that Elf is much cheaper.


Public Goods

Okay now this website right here is everything. They have products ranging from food, vitamins and supplements to personal products.

Basically your one stop shop to all your household or dorm wants. They have all your essentials and all are high quality and sustainable products.



One of my favorite things about Boohoo is that they always have a sale of 40% or more going on. You're always getting a deal when you shop with them.

This UK based clothing brand does not lack when it comes to style either. Definitely should always be a go-to


This online store is also UK based. They are a little more pricey than others on this list but so worth it.

You'll love their pieces and always find something you want on their website. It doesn't hurt that they love giving a good discount either.


This website literally has EVERYTHING. They are a chineased based brand so even though they do carry great pieces, there might be a few misses in the bunch.

However, simply pay attention to the comments and you'll be fine. Shein is really just the definition of being bougie on a budget

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