Like me, many of you aren’t returning back to campus this semester and instead need to learn how to master classes remotely.

I don’t know about you but I hated online classes…I had so much anxiety trying to make sure everything was done and I was always keeping up with all my assignments.

Spring Semester 2020 was A LOT at first and I would hate for any of you to be stressed the way I was(it was not fun!)

I created a list of a few tips that will help you breezeeee through your new normal!

1. Get a Planner and manage your time

Although you now have more flexibility in your schedule, it’s soooo easy to forget you even have class, much less an assignment due. You thought you needed a planner before? You will definitely need one now.

Here are some tips on how to manage your time:

  • Read your syllabus at the start of the semester and take note of all your assignment and their due dates

  • Have a weekly schedule of everything you need to accomplish by the end of the week and stick to it.

2. Download the Blackboard App

Along with using the actual website, making sure you have the app. This makes sure you get notified the moment your professors add a new assignment. If your like me and tend to me very forgetful, this is a must!

3. Treat it as a “real” class

For all extensive purposes, this is a real class but being home you might feel inclined to not take it as seriously. Don’t do this. You may now have some wiggle room but the grades at the end of the semester will be whatever you worked for. Make sure you are showing up to your classes and are actually present, in the moment and know what's going on. Professors tend to unknowingly go a bit faster with remote learner, ask questions when you get lost.

4. Hold yourself accountable

Even more now, you are responsible for makng sure every assignment and quiz gets done when its suppose to. Hold yourself accountable to that and make sure you are staying on top of your business!

5. Interact with your professors

More than anything, your professors want to know that you are actively paying attention to what they are teaching.

In a regular setting, I would say make sure you attend office hours (but this is anything but regular), so instead your best bet is to schedule time and check in with them.

Even if you don’t have a question, simply just letting them know who you are is equally as important.

6. find a desk to sit at

I know its tempting but DON’T LAY IN BED FOR CLASSES! It makes you lazy and you honestly won't get any work done. I made this mistake and it made learning and getting anything done way harder you don’t want that. Don't be like me :)


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