Since I’ve been home due to the unforeseen circumstance brought on by the Corona Virus Pandemic, I really wanted it to be a time of growth for me. My one goal was to not leave, the same way I entered.

I’ve always been a really goal oriented person who knew what she wanted and how she wanted her life to be in the next 10 years. But something about being stuck at home amplified that. I started needing to physically be all in and start putting into action the things I wanted out of life.

You won’t just walk into the life you want, you have to work for it. For me, I’m working on creating generational wealth for family so my name can leave an impact in this world..

I’ve seen many other beautiful people start small business and go after goals they always wanted to achieve and although I may not know them, it makes me so proud. There is nothing greater than matching the energy of what you say to what you do.

I always had a a great passion for business and being my own boss. Quarantine allowed me the time I needed to analyze how I’m going to make a name for myself. Although this blog is one way I will be doing that, it is only the start.

You ever been on a journey and you can feel your success loading?

That’s me right now, it might not be a happening immediately but it will be very soon.


Despite the negative events that have taken place in this country and all around the world, this has really been a time for me to look at who I am and who I want to become. I have goals I want to accomplish and it all starts with me taking the first step.

It’s a crazy thing when you realize how just changing the way you think can make a difference in the way you attack so many different situations. I’ve never been as goal driven and mentally ready for my success as I am right.

I think its very important to understand that this shift didn't just happen. A series of events took places in my life for me to be where I mentally am right now. Several relationships lost and others gained.

You know how they say the things you go through mold you into who you will become? That's what happened.

I've ended relationships with people I thought would ALWAYS be in my life and honestly, looking back, it was just time.

I have a habit of wanting to bring everyone along on my journey and share it with them but many people are only in your life for a reason or a season. When I finally came to grips with that. My focus shifted solely on what I needed to accomplish to be the Jada that many will look up and aspire to be [entanglement free :)]

I am so thankful for this time to internally analyze myself and make the conscience decision to be great.

I hope you all have taken the time being stuck inside to be a better you <3. There is nothing better than growing into who you are meant to be. LEVEL UP SIS!


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