Updated: Jun 18, 2020

You may find this weird but shopping in the men's section is really a gem that many people don't realize. Many of you may simply just walk past it every time without a second thought, but you're missing out. Here are 4 reasons why I shop in the men's section and you should too.

1. Cheaper

Although this may depend on which store you're shopping in, men's clothing tend to be much cheaper than women's clothing (which I actually find is very unfair).'

Fortunately for us girls, we look good in anything :)

2. Inspiration for a lot of fashion trends

This one is actually funny to me. Most of the clothes us girls already wear are basically overpriced men's clothing.

Think about it, Boyfriend jeans, oversized sweatshirts, flannels. Its all based on the "baggy" look we would get from just shopping in men's.

3. Options

Maybe this is only me, but I always felt I found more options in the men's section.

I never liked that girls basically wore the same thing. Shopping in men's give you pieces that stand out and are different from what most girls would be wearing.

4. Comfort

Men's clothing is way more comfortable to just chill in. I mean girls steal their boyfriends sweatshirts all the time, this is definitely part of the reason.

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